Gearing Up

Gearing up for a hunt or other outdoor adventure is no small task.

Preparation is key. I like to make packing lists on Evernote. This way, I have the list on my computer as well as my iPhone and even my iPad. It makes the list easily accessible and easy to use. I use the checkbox lists, so as I am packing I can check off each item.

Packing List

Packing for mobility is helpful. Many people take too much gear with them. Be selective and only pack what you absolutely need for each outing. Learning to consolidate comes with experience.

I like to use a backpack for my video gear. This keeps my hands free for other items that must be carried, such as a tree stand, decoys, or other necessary gear. My Cinebag CB25-B backpack is roomy and also features a large waist strap that is comfortable on long hikes.

Another benefit of using a packing list is to avoid forgetting essential gear. There is nothing worse than getting on location and realizing that something you need is back home.

The next time you get ready to go on a trip, plan carefully as you gear up. It just might save some headaches and even a heartache or two!