You are a hunter and outdoorsman. The season is now over and winter doldrums are messing with you. Where do you turn for inspiration? Or, you are an outdoor cameraman and field producer. The season is over and the long wait begins for the next hunting season. Plus, you wonder what new story angles there are to tell. Where do you turn for inspiration?

We are all inspired by something. I am inspired by the mountains themselves, for example. Just being out on the mountain is inspiring to me. What inspires you?

In this winter/post-hunting season, there are still some places of inspiration yet to be found. We need to tap into these sources of inspiration. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Watch or re-watch some of your favorite hunting shows. It is hard to keep up with them in the hunting season, so catch up now. Use these hunting stories to inspire you own.
  2. Watch a classic movie. My son, James, enjoys movies very much and I enjoy watching his preferred movies with him. This winter we watched The Die Hard, The Terminator, and The Matrix series. Watching a non-hunting movie can still inspire us in a variety of ways. Hunters can enjoy the action of a movie and field producers can gather new ideas for their next project.
  3. Attend an outdoor or trade show. I will be attending The Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA next month and I cannot wait! I enjoy this show because it provides an opportunity to talk and think about hunting in the off season. I also always come away with new ideas and products to consider using.
  4. Review your past hunting season or seasons. Bring out any hunting photographs you have stored away. Re-read your hunting journal. Talk with your hunting buddies and reminisce together.
  5. Take a hike. Too many of us become cabin fever recluses, almost as if we are afraid to get out in the cold weather. Hunting clothing and gear today makes this excuse a bad one. You can stay warm, especially if you keep moving, so get out there an enjoy a winter hike.
  6. Eat some wild game if you were successful this past season. As you savor each bite, recollect how bagging this animal happened. Remember the moment you first saw it, re-live the excitement you felt, and be thankful to God for the food you are eating now.

These are just a few inspirational ideas. What inspires you in the off-season?

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